Rural Soundsystem started as a small group of friends and family brought closer together by the love of good music and arts in general we have shared these interests and good times for over 20 years   

 As a crew we all believe in peace love unity and respect for all  

We follow these traditional dance scene values closely and coupling this with our love of big box sound systems and dance music we decided to set up our own sound provision company.

In 2018 we took over a small barn built project from Somerset called Rural soundsystem, We moved into Bedfordshire and Norfolk and today are continuing to grow the concept with passion and in our own unique style.

We aim to always put people and our environment at the front of our minds and lead a fair and honest collective that welcomes all who share our values and ethics to join us in some way

If music is art, then it is painting on silence


Our Passion

Rural collective

Our aims...

We will always be moving forwards, growing our collective into the future and continue to provide an honest, quality and dependable service to our private hire customers

We will continue to grow our own dance event brands and keep bringing parties and raves to the scene in our own Rural style


what do we offer?

we provide sound equipment from single mics and speakers for basic pa, to 12kw of sound for up to around 1,000 people, ideal for clubs, bars and events where powerful sound is required in small to medium venues.

our equipment and operators can be hired from 2 hrs up to several days for festival events, we can work out a package deal for most budgets no matter how slim as we pride ourselves in being community grounded.

we offer our 3 flavour italian slush system as a pay per cup or as an unlimited service hire for events, fetes and festivals as a machine or with a stall

all options come manned by an operator

we also  provide candy floss unlimited hire or charged per item

games and mini chocolate fountain also available 

we can offer many different lighting effects for venues up to 1,000 people, or as individual effects….

Scan Lasers (rave style) red, white green and blue

gobo lasers (pattern style)

1,400w of haze blowers (smoke) compliments all lighting effects and can be scented and coloured.

uplighting for mood creating, colour themed events or for decorating building/room features. 

uv (cannons and led bars) for glow parties, raves and children’s part

moon flowers  coloured spot pattern lighting (classic club and disco effect) provided fixed or as scanners or both

spyder beamz  moving head lighting effect provides 24 coloured beams of powerful light from 3 motorized units.

bubble blower  ideally for outdoor events and fetes

decor  we offer decor to compliment lighting effects such as uv cargo netting, uv art work and we can supply banners or custom decor for your event

we can provide djs and entertainers and help arrange other third party services to play on our sound.